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Modifying Print Center web pages

Question asked by Gene Mayro on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by Gene Mayro

This is part feature request, part question:


The feature request is to make the Print Center more accessible. We did a test, and JAWS works on the desktop version of the Print Center website, but there are other items that need to be updated:


There are 6 forms items without labels (Upload, the checkboxes for any uploaded files, and the four print options at the bottom). Also, all of the links and buttons except for “help” do not have a visual focus when tabbing through the page for keyboard navigation.  Most seem to have “on hover” events or tooltips, but no “on focus” event.


Can these changes be made in the next release?


The question is, can we (customers) make these changes? We do understand that customizations can be overwritten by any updates that are applied, and we'll make backups of the original files. We just want to make sure we're note violating any agreements by modifying any of the pages or stylesheets for this purpose. We need to make these changes in order to pass our Accessibility review to launch the site.