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Possible to use copy machine offline from print server?

Question asked by Eric Graf on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by Eric Graf

Hello community!


I'm looking to implement Pharos Terminals with Off-the-Glass on some older Lanier (Ricoh) copy machines that do not have ethernet ports.

My understanding as to how the hardware and communication process is as follows:

1) Lanier Input/Output Board is connected to Counter Interface Unit which is then connected to an ethernet adapter going to the Pharos Mini Computer (This controls unlocking the copier, page count increments and closing the print session)

2) Pharos Mini Computer communicates with Pharos Server for Account information and Funding via ethernet network connection (This step looks authenticates user account / available funds to pay for print job)

3) Pharos Server communicates Print Job to MFD via ethernet (communicates print job data to printer)

4) MFD process job and closes session. (MFD received authentication confirmation, received data, prints)


We are looking to use these copy machines just as copy machines.  The print jobs are local and do not require communication to the Print Server in this sense.


My questions are the following:

a)  Is it at all possible to utilize the copier without step 3 as listed above?

b)  Since there are no print jobs in a server queue, how can a user authenticate and process copy jobs?

c)  If Off-the-Glass is not suitable for this kind of process, would iMFP or another solution be a better option?


Thank you for all of your time and insight!!