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    Pharos Blackboard TIA Issues

    David Alexander Scout

      Our Pharos Blackboard TIA process keeps dying.  We have been working with Pharos support on this issue, but we have not been able to find the root cause.


      I'd like to know if any other school has run into an issue with their Blackboard TIA failing, and if so, how did you resolve this issue?


      I'd be interested in hearing from big schools 20,000+ students using Pharos.   I'd like to know if you are running Pharos on dedicated hardware or virtual.




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          Mark Wildt Newbie

          I have a Pharos 8.4 environment yet. We are around 15,000 student college. The Tia gateway is solid for me, but I have been surprised that the software for it seems to be the same when I installed it on our Pharos 8.1 environment some 5+ years ago and never gets updated....


          I have 1 Print server, (Virtual Still Windows 2008 SP2 (32Bit) moving to Pharos 9.x this December and then moving the OS forward as well. I have 1 MobilePrint Server (Also Virtual) as a 2008R2 server. Both were on VmWare but migrated to HyperV this summer. Both hyper-visors have run stable.


          FYI our SQL back-end is hosted on a physical server, but it too will be moving to a VM at some later date. This SQL has some other 30+ dbs on it and again stable.


          Not sure if all this helps your question. But thought I would let you know our experience has been solid on both VMWare and HyperV. Sometimes good to hear others to valid how you build your environment.


          Good Luck!!



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            Doug Cawley Newbie


            Here at the Wharton School at UPenn we suffered the same problem for 2 years + and with no one able to solve it for us.  We invested a ton of time and developed a very robust set of Powershell scripts that run constantly to "defend" our system from the Blackboard Gateway issue. Since building our group of scripts Pharos and Blackboard have become rock solid (it just took time and sweat to fix), we have not had a problem foe 10 months.  We had this critical problem on Pharos 8.3 on a VM and 9.0 on a VM.  We also have a few other scripts built around Pharos to get it to the point of a fully automated service for us.  I would be happy to share all we have done.

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              Doug Cawley Newbie


              I will email you my contact info so I can share the PS scripts. - Doug