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    Blackboard Card Readers and Konica iMFP

    Alex Schumacher Wayfarer

      I was wondering if anyone uses the Blackboard FeliCa proximity card readers with their Konica iMFPs. Currently we have the MagStripe card readers for reading the cardID and other information for the Blackboard Transact billing system, but I've asked both Konica and Blackboard if they have anything that would work with the FeliCa proximity cards, and they couldn't give me an answer. If you use this system or know someone who does, I'd be very interested in how you got it done!

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          Konica-Minolta "closes" the available options for alternate identification within their bizhub product line. Available options are found here: Solutions - Security Systems. The FeliCa (from Sony) format requires a reader that broadcasts at 13.56 MHz with a speed of 212 kbps or 424 kbps and can handle, at bare minimum, a 16-byte wide identity; the Blackboard reader is not compatible with the bizhub, since there is not a loadable device driver for it.


          I know that the Pharos Uniprint product does not support the Blackboard reader, either.




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            John Stewart Guide

            The FeliCa card is different from other proximity card technologies in that the reader and the badge are digitally keyed so that the issuer of the card and the reader must be the same entity.  A Bb FeliCa card can only be read by a Bb FeliCa reader.  In order for this to work on a KM the KM device would need to support the Bb FeliCa reader which it does not do today.


            That being said the FeliCa card does have a Card Serial Number (CSN) which is readable by any 13.56 Mhz reader.  You could use a generic prox reader on the KM and read the CSN of the card.  This will NOT be the FeliCa ID, it will just be a unique number for each card.  You will need some method to register the cards with users at first use.


            The Omega PS200 is compatible with the Bb FeliCa reader.

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