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    Running a report in Pharos 8.4

    Adam Demeter Scout

      Quick question... hoping for an easy answer. I need to run a report in Pharos 8.4 that will show me a particular user, logging into a particular PC, on a particular day. I've been tasked with getting the server running better and more efficiently, and know nothing about it yet, and I am still learning. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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          gschwartz Tracker

          I could be missing it, but as far as I can tell in Pharos Reports, you can't determine which specific computer a user is printing from.  You can print transactions lists for a specific user for a specific day under the Transactions tab by selecting the User Transactions report, but it won't tell you which computer the print job originated from.

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              Paul LaFollette Guide

              That is correct.  The Pharos system does not have any data that would tell you what computer a print job originated.  However, it has everything else (username, time/date, document, pages, cost, physical characteristics of the job, etc.).


              The only place I've seen (thus far) for determining the originating computer of a print job was in the server OS event logs, and I think it was in the Security Audit logs ... but I think it had to be turned on (logging this data was turned off by default) and it really only logged the Logon/Logoff activity.  Basically, you had to look for when the user logged on (authenticated to connect to the Pharos server) and compare that to the times Pharos shows that person printed.  -- The thing you needed to know before doing this, was what username or what time the print job took place.  If you didn't already have one of those two items, you couldn't find out.


              That's what I know.

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              Daniel Johns Tracker

              I know I'm a bit late joining in here, but I just noticed that the original question referred to a user "logging into" a PC and did not contain any mention of printing.  The responses from Greg and Paul assumed that the question referred to printing.


              If Adam Demeter's question was indeed intended to refer to printing, then the answers given are correct.  If, however, his site has SignUp installed and by "logging into a particular PC" he meant a PC running SignUp Client, then the Reports will be more helpful.


              The report "User Computing Detail" lists which computers a given user logged into and when.  The "Computer Transactions" report lists who logged into a given computer and when.  (There isn't a report that is at once broad enough to cover both multiple users and multiple computers, and detailed enough to mention both individual users and individual computers.)