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Omega PS150 Remote Control

Question asked by Rick Heckbert on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by gschwartz

I used to use the Remote Control function on our PS150s a lot.  (Omega Administator, left hand side under "System"  This feature shows you the actual screen of the Omega.  Apparently, this feature uses Java so a while ago it stopped working in Chrome but I could always fire up FireFozx and access it that way.  However, the last time i tried it it didn't work.  I clicked on the app, saw the remote window start to open, saw a giant spinning java logo and then got an error message saying "Error: access denied ("" "IP of Omega:59000" "connect, resolve")  I did try adding the Omega address to the security exception window in both FireFox and Java (IPAddress, IPAddress:8080, IPAddress:590000 with no luck)


Has any one been able to get Remote Control to work lately?