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    Feature Request: Mobile Print - Hide Printers

    Jason Pelletier Tracker

      One thing that would be nice to have is the ability to hide printers that are available to MobilePrint. It might be available now and I can't seem to figure it out but right now, every printer we have in the system can be printed to when someone searches. This might not be an issue for some, but we create special direct-print printers or test printers that we don't want our clients printing to at all. It would be nice to pick and choose what will be displayed and what won't be.

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          Jeff Herald Guide

          Thank you.  This feature is already being considered for a future update.  No ETA yet.


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems

          Technical Product Manager for Uniprint and Mobile Print

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            John Siegel Guide

            Hi Jason,


                            Here's a workaround that I've used at CU. Create a specific print group for your test devices. Name them testprinter01, 02, etc. and educate the users that these are "dummy devices". I've done this a few times when we wanted to test against the production system from a specific lab. In our environment, the labs have all the printer queues available,  but are set to default to the device(s) in the lab. In order to change that the users must intentionally choose another device within the print preferences. Since the majority of the users never even look at which printer is being used (since it defaults to the ones in the lab), having "dummy printers" amongst the group would likely have minimal impact.