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Automate File Import Task

Question asked by Nikolay Karetnikov on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by Nikolay Karetnikov


Importing file is a good feature if you are running initial setup. When, on the other hand, you need to update employee info on daily, weekly basis manual import is quite a tedious task

Is there a way to automate the procedure?

Let's say I have employees.csv file prepared daily and stored on c:\employees.csv.

How to get the data into the system?

I found the GenericHR.importconfig file inside C:\Program Files (x86)\PharosSystems\Blueprint\bin and there are the following lines there



      <ImportDescription>Human Resource Data</ImportDescription>






Seems to me what I want, but it rises some questions:


what does expectedFrequency count in? Minutes, hours, days?

what <UniqueContents> is for?

and finally - is that an undocumented feature? (I found no info on it)


Thank you!