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Blueprint authentication in a domain tree

Question asked by Nikolay Karetnikov on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by Nikolay Karetnikov


Please consider the following setup



Blueprint works in multiple domain environment.

A user exists in both domains with the identical network ID (which is before @)


When a Lexmark Authentication script tries to find up a user in dc=paramount,dc=com it fails as could not unambiguously identify which usertwin is the right one.



What the script does:



I see the following lines in  Authentication script



            string serverUri = "LDAP://,DC=com";


            string adminDn = "";

            string adminPassword = "password";



LdapSearchResult result = LdapUtils.FindLdapUser(


                serverUri, adminDn, adminPassword, authenticationType,

                filterFormat, filterParameters, resultProperties, password); 


which actually performs the search.


Is there anyway (a filter parameter or a resultProperties option, perhaps) to make Ldap.Utils stop as soon as it finds a match and return it before a thorough search is complete?


Kind of resultPropeties.exactSearch=False, for example


Or may be there is a documentation on scripting language?


Any ideas would be very welcomed!