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    Offline billing Question

    Mike Dorris Tracker

      When the billing gateway is offline and the Offline balance is used,  when the gateway comes back up  does it then charge those users?  If so,  what happens if they don't have enough to cover it?

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          Richard Post Guide

          Thanks for posting your inquiry.   When the gateway comes back online, the transactions are sent to the billing gateway.  If the user does not have enough funds in the system, it depends on how the billing system is setup as to exactly what happens there (outside of Pharos).   Some systems allow for an overage to happen if it has already happened in the past, and it will assign the user a negative balance, even though they are Advance accounts.  Other settings will throw an alert or exception that would need to be investigated and resolved.  All this is outside of Pharos and not our expertise, but I wanted to share the experiences I have heard in the field anyway.   :-)     Hoping to see you at our 2016 Pharos User Conference in New Orleans in February...

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              Mike Dorris Tracker

              Thanks Rich.  That makes sense.  I am most likely not going to the Conference this year as I begged to go last year.  I would love to,  but my boss says too expensive to go every year.  Have fun!


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              John Siegel Guide

              Hi Mike,


                            We are using the CBORD bank at CU Boulder. In our case, if a user has a negative balance, they receive the error message " not enough money to print the job". They can add funds via a website to cover the shortage. If they choose not to reconcile the negative balance, they get to discuss that with the Bursar's office when they try to graduate. : )