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    selected printer does not allow attributes 'Executive' when printing PowerPoints

    David Alexander Scout

      We are setting the following error message when someone tries to print an Office 2013 PowerPoint from MyPrintCenter:


      "The selected printer does not allow the following attributes from your print job: 'Executive'.  Please select another device or submit a revised print job.


      You can upload the PowerPoint to MyPrintCenter, but you get this error when you try to release the job.  There is also a similar error message on the PS 200 release station when you try to release.


      We also see a similar error when someone sends a print job from the pop up driver.


      I have an open ticket with Pharos support on this one, but I also wanted to see if anyone in this forum had a workaround.  The printer is a HP LaserJet Enterprise M806.



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          Jeff Herald Guide

          The likely source of the problem is the Job Attributes setting on the Device (printer) in the Pharos Administrator.  If you don't have it set to "All Attributes" then it will only allow jobs that meet the attribute types that are checked in the list.  See screen shot below.  The error indicates that the PowerPoint presentation being submitted has a paper size specified at Executive and that the destination printer does not allow that paper size.  Please check this setting and see if it is set accordingly.   If it is, or if "All Attributes" is set, then you will need to speak with Support for a print job investigation.




          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems

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              Steven English Guide

              To set "All Attributes", simply uncheck every single box.  As soon as a single box is checked, it functions as a whitelist which blocks all others.  When none are checked, everything is allowed.  If you have certain attributes checked for a specific reason (like preventing color jobs from releasing at a specific printer), then you can check the box for Executive and issue a Change Control from the right-hand action pane.  However, you may wind up with the printer asking you to load that paper size in the manual tray - which is another semi-common use of the job attribute whitelist (rejecting all jobs that the printer cannot handle without user intervention).  This can server the purpose of preventing a problem job from making it to the printer so that it does not negatively impact other users.