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selected printer does not allow attributes 'Executive' when printing PowerPoints

Question asked by David Alexander on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by Steven English

We are setting the following error message when someone tries to print an Office 2013 PowerPoint from MyPrintCenter:


"The selected printer does not allow the following attributes from your print job: 'Executive'.  Please select another device or submit a revised print job.


You can upload the PowerPoint to MyPrintCenter, but you get this error when you try to release the job.  There is also a similar error message on the PS 200 release station when you try to release.


We also see a similar error when someone sends a print job from the pop up driver.


I have an open ticket with Pharos support on this one, but I also wanted to see if anyone in this forum had a workaround.  The printer is a HP LaserJet Enterprise M806.