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    Omega PS200 screensaver

    Robert Richards Scout

      Is it possible to disable the screensaver on an Omega PS200?  I want to display a single jpg that shows our logo and printing costs.

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          John Stewart Guide

          The PS200 is designed to cycle through bitmap images when it is idle.  The trick is that it requires at least 2 images.  If you try to have only 1 image it reverts to cycling through the list of stock images.  Your best bet is to make at least 2 images to cycle through which can include you logo and the printing costs.  It would be best to make them different so that the screen is changing periodically.  LCD's today no longer burn in but you can get image persistence as an artifact. You could increase the time between screen transitions to a high number (40 seconds).


          Also make sure to size your image files to 800x400.  The PS200 will ignore images that are not the correct size.

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            John Siegel Guide

            Hi Robert,


                               You can also delete all the stock images and upload two of the images you want to display. Upload them to position 1 and 2. Set the delay time to 4 seconds or more and it will cycle through the "same" screensaver, effectively showing only the one you want displayed. Works on the Omega 150's as well.



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              John Siegel Guide

              Here's some screen caps.