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Print Center 1.7 - issues, queries, feature requests

Question asked by Bill Kasper on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Bill Kasper

Again, just starting a thorough exploration of Print Center, and some things arose during install and after.  I don't know if any of these things were addressed in the upgrade to Print Center 2.0 in Pharos 9R2.


1.  Personal funds are always showing as the default funding type, even though very few of our users use personal funds.  We use third-party charging for 99% of our jobs, and I'd love to have the most frequently used, or any of their third-party charging lines show as default, with personal funds as an option to show first.  Pharos developers, is anything like that in the pipeline?


2.  I can't get rid of the damn "This Connection is Untrusted" Firefox 40.0/Mac OSX 10.10.3 message.  In the IIS manager on the principal server I have three certificates, all active.  The last listed was created by Pharos just this week to try to resolve the issue:  WMSvc-CPPHAROS, pharos ssl certificate, and sha1cert.  Where should I look, what should I do, how should I solve the issue?  I can't release Print Center to my customers until that's fixed, because I don't want them to ever see the "This Connection is Untrusted" spalsh screen.


3.  Is there a way, in the web files, to take the "Keep me logged in" checkbox off of the login screen?  If not, consider that a feature request.  Our IT folk don't like (due to people's ignorance about the logout process) that checkbox.


4.  Print jobs shown in the Activity screen of Print Center all show how many pages were printed, plus other print attributes as appropriate.  Why don't scans show any attributes?  Even though we don't charge for scans, the number of pages scanned would be helpful.  Feature request, please.


5.  While I recognize the funds report shown to the Administrator is meant to show PayPal transactions, having a secondary tab with Kiosk transactions (and appropriate fields) would be INCREDIBLY helpful.  Consider this a feature request.


6.  We are not going to start off with using direct print release through the Print button on the user's Job List.  One of the reasons is it lists all printers (it's all or none, as has been discussed), and then by "device name" as seen in Administrator (as well as Make and Model).  Our device names were never designed for public consumption, and they don't mean anything to our customers.  Is there a way, or is there planned to be one, where the list pointer can be made to another field in the Devices interface of Administrator, that would be unique to the Device and yet be something understandable to the customer?  For example, a customer seeing "s011_FMe_Ricoh_5502A" would have no clue this is our MPC5502A in the Physics Department, Interdisciplinary Sciences Building, Rm. 232.  If we were ever to go to direct print release, we'd have to have it show *something* else.  Has anyone managed a workaround for this?


7.  On a related note, most people use the same printer most of the time, and usually not more than three or four (certainly not for direct printing).  Has there been any thought given to setting the "Select a printer" list to find the most recent printers used automatically, and offer a search for other printers (again, plain text printer naming would go a long way to help people looking for other printers in a building)?  That behavior is already invoked on the "Payment Method" list.  Feature request; if it's being considered, excellent.


That's about it (ENOUGH!!) for now.   Thanks for reading.