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Print Center - uploading issue

Question asked by Bill Kasper on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by Richard Smith Jr

So I am exploring Print Center to write up use instructions for our customers, and had the fortune to have a Linux user contact me wanting to use our Secure Release printing...which is only possible (as far as I know) through Print Center. [If anyone has a usable popup that would allow users to get to our Secure Release system without having to use the same username they log into their Linux/*NIX computers with, PLEASE let me know .]


I gave him instructions, told him to make a .pdf and use the upload feature, then try to release it at the device.  His response:


"I gave it a shot; the upload system seems to work fine, although the print preview had slightly distorted text.  The program listed the price as $0.18, which is the price for a color even though it was set to black and white (not that I care about such a trivial amount, but I figured I'd mention it).  The printer let me log in, and knew about the job, but when I asked it to print it, nothing happened.  I tried a couple times just in case, and each time the job reappeared when I logged in, and the job was now tagged as "[Free Print]", but it still could not actually print.  The web interface lists the job as "Printing Failed.  No other information available."  Hopefully that is useful information."


Aside from the wrong charging (which I have to look into), has anyone else seen this behavior with an uploaded pdf through Print Center?