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    Adam Demeter Scout

      We are using the Pharosuserlist.exe to import students every morning at 6:45 (scheduled task). This week, being the first week of the semester, we have had some issues with this process. I will list 2 of the issues below:


      1) User change last name. The text file that the Pharosuserlist.exe uses to import users had the correct name list after the change, but was not updating the user in the Pharos database.


      2) User name was listed as firstname.lastnameXXXX (XXXX be random numbers give to users when usernames match other usernames). The same text file, contains the correct username, but in the Pharos Administrator, it only shows firstname.lastname.


      I have verified the scheduled task has run with out issue, so I am not sure what is going on. Anything I can check? Thanks in advance for the help.


      Oh, and we are using Pharos 8.4 (hoping to upgrade to Pharos 9 soon.

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          Jeff Herald Guide



          Can you respond with the exact syntax of the command line that is being run in Task Scheduler?


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems

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              Adam Demeter Scout

              This is from the batch file...


              @echo off


              REM for /f "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%a in ('date /t') do set LOGDATE=%%c-%%a-%%b


              if exist "\\ox\PharosUserLoadFile\pharos_load.txt" copy "\\ox\PharosUserLoadFile\pharos_load.txt" "%~dp0pharos_load.txt"


              if exist "%~dp0pharos_load.txt" (


              echo Running Pharos user load program.

              "C:\Program Files\Pharos\Bin\UserLoad.exe" --cashier pharos --file "%~dp0pharos_load.txt" --addupdate

              REM --deleteonsync switch removed 9:06 AM 5/6/2014.


              echo Pausing for 5 seconds.

              choice /C x /T 5 /D x /M "waiting for 5 seconds." >NUL


              echo Deleting load file.

              REM if exist "%~dp0pharos_load.txt" del "%~dp0pharos_load.txt"



              REM set LOGDATE=

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                  Jeff Herald Guide

                  Thank you.  It sounds like this process has been in place for a while and working successfully in the past.  If that's true, then we need to turn attention to the file that is being imported to make sure it is in the proper format.  If there is a comma out of place then it will start aligning fields improperly and should produce an error somewhere.  You said the Scheduled Task runs without error but that does not necessarily mean that Userload.exe ran and produced no errors during the Import, only that its process and the batch file completed successfully.


                  So what I'd suggest is turning on Logsetter and running the Userload command line at a Command prompt to see if it runs or fails.  The logging should collect that procedure in full, but watching it run in a CMD prompt will tell you if there is a failure in the process somewhere.


                  Try that manually and see if it indicates something wrong as it runs. Be sure that the par that calls the file is the correct file name as you run it manually.  --file "TheActualFileName.txt



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                      Adam Demeter Scout



                          This is an example of the text output from the import:

                      Traylor,Delicia,delicia.traylor,Arrears,public,,User,1;0;0.00;2;0;0.00;3;0;0.00,,,,,,,Delicia Traylor,delicia.traylor@my.sinclair.edu,,

                      Traylor,James,james.traylor6157,Arrears,public,,User,1;0;0.00;2;0;0.00;3;0;0.00,,,,,,,James Traylor,james.traylor6157@my.sinclair.edu,,


                      One of the users I am having the issue with is James Traylor. The last 4 numbers at the end of his username is what is not being imported into Pharos.

                      I will turn on Logsetter, and run the import manually to see if I see any errors.



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                          Jeff Herald Guide

                          One other thing you can do is to build a short file for import, by copying out known problem entries, and run just the short file.  I'd suggest grabbing a couple rows above and below too, in case the problem starts before that row.  No need to run hundreds of users if you can narrow down the problem rows.

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                              Adam Demeter Scout

                              Found with the BatchLoader txt file that it was not able to copy students in because of an alias that already existed. We will have to modify the script that we run to create the load list to keep the 4 digits after the firstname.lastname log on. Thanks for the help. Nobody seemed to know about the logsetter application and the existence the log files.