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    Where can i find Pharos EDI password.

    Nguyen Hoang Newbie


      i am setting up Lexmark eDAS for BluePrint.

      in its configuration page, i need to provide:


      1. URL to the EDI Server:

      I need to use https because my server is Blue Print 5.1


      https://my Blue print server/PharosEDI/EdiService.asmx?wsdl


      I am using a self-signed cert for my BluePrint server. Is that a problem?


      2. Pharos EDI Server Password:

      I don't know where to find this. Please advise.

      I search and found some places mention about default value of 'pharos'


      Thanks very much.

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          Scott Olswold Guide



          Good morning. Regarding the password: the default EDI passphrase is 'pharos' (no quotation marks, all lowercase). If you need to change that for a Blueprint server, you can edit web.config found in C:\Program Files (x86)\PharosSystems\Blueprint\Services\BediService (or whatever drive you installed the application). Look for the line "setting name="SessionPassword"" and change the value of the line below it. If you do modify the password, you will need to restart the Pharos Systems services on the server for it to take effect.


          Using a self-signed certificate for the server's HTTPS binding is OK, but presents a challenge in that all terminal products typically install the Pharos Certificate Authority (CA) for the purposes of authenticating the SSL/TLS handshake. You would need to install your CA on the device as well. If needed, Pharos Systems Technical Support can provide you with a SHA1 certificate for your server's HTTPS binding. SHA2 (aka SHA256) or SHA512 certificates are oftentimes not supported by printers due to older cryptography libraries in their operating systems.


          FInally, regarding your URL: you do not need to include the ?wsdl suffix at the end. https://NameThatMatchesCNofCertificate/PharosEdi/ediservice.asmx is all that is required.




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            Nguyen Hoang Newbie


            I also notice that there are log related to Pharos’s cert in the device's log as shown below.


            20150815 02:40:39.337 debug   #52j9jsse - trust store alias: Pharos: X.509 Certificate v3

            SubjectDN: CN=www.pharos.com,OU=Customer Service,O=Pharos Systems,L=Rochester,ST=New York,C=US,OID.1.2.840.113549.1.9.1=cs@pharos.com

                            Not Before: Tue Sep 24 06:45:22 GMT+02:00 2002

                            Not After: Sat Feb 09 05:45:22 GMT+01:00 2030


            I believe the eDAS installs the pharos cert embedded in its application to the device.

            This currently leads me to the theory that we need to have that pharos cert installed on the server.

            Could you please provide the cert?

            Thanks very much.

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              Steven English Guide

              As a note to those who may find this post looking for where the Uniprint EDI password is located...


              Pharos Administrator > System > System Settings > Security > EDI Service Password