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Print Center Web - How can the "Add Funds" link be removed/disabled/hidden?

Question asked by Chris Axtell on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Krystal Perlman

In testing out the Print Center Web (v2.2.2.1082) there doesn't appear to be an easy method to remove/disable the "Add Funds" link. I would like to assume there's a setting to disable this somewhere since there's a chance that not everyone that would like to use the Print Center Web/MobilePrint will necessary be enabling a credit card gateway at the same time. However, looking in both the Print Center Web (login as an Admin account), and within Pharos Administrator there doesn't appear to be one. Tried going into the Print Center Web "Theme" tab, "Text", and under the "Add Funds" section changing the "Splash Title" to an empty string then saving the value. After going back to the "My Printing" tab the link is still present and still titled "Add Funds."


Hopefully its there and I'm only missing it and someone can point out (probably in a very obvious place) where this link can be removed. If it is not currently possible to disable this link what's the chances in a not to distant future patch that a "config setting" can be added to disable this link?