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    Print Center Web - How can the "Add Funds" link be removed/disabled/hidden?

    Chris Axtell Navigator

      In testing out the Print Center Web (v2.2.2.1082) there doesn't appear to be an easy method to remove/disable the "Add Funds" link. I would like to assume there's a setting to disable this somewhere since there's a chance that not everyone that would like to use the Print Center Web/MobilePrint will necessary be enabling a credit card gateway at the same time. However, looking in both the Print Center Web (login as an Admin account), and within Pharos Administrator there doesn't appear to be one. Tried going into the Print Center Web "Theme" tab, "Text", and under the "Add Funds" section changing the "Splash Title" to an empty string then saving the value. After going back to the "My Printing" tab the link is still present and still titled "Add Funds."


      Hopefully its there and I'm only missing it and someone can point out (probably in a very obvious place) where this link can be removed. If it is not currently possible to disable this link what's the chances in a not to distant future patch that a "config setting" can be added to disable this link?



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          Steven English Guide

          Chris Axtell,


          Since removing items in early versions of web release broke things (prior to Print Center's existence), I got in the habit of simply modifying how it is displayed instead of chopping and hacking. The default location of the file you want to edit is:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Pharos\PrintCenter\WebApp\index.htm.  All we want to do is to hide the button.  Technically someone who knows it is in there could use the developer tools in a browser to unhide it, but that is an acceptable risk for the simplicity of the edit.


          Lines 565-567 contain the piece of code that displays the Add Funds button

          <div class="joblist-component-header-right">
             <span class="joblist-component-link" id="add-funds-button">Add Funds</span>


          All we have to do is edit a single line of code... (line 565)

          Adding a simple inline style to not display the div containing the button does the trick!

          <div class="joblist-component-header-right" style="display: none;">
             <span class="joblist-component-link" id="add-funds-button">Add Funds</span>


          Things to be aware of...

          This direct html edit is not, of course, officially supported (by me or by Pharos).  Future releases of Print Center will most likely overwrite this customization.  Depending on how similar a future version is, the edit may be easy to replicate, or it might not.  Fortunately, the div in this version is really easy to locate in Notepad thanks to the id label (add-funds-button) and the actual text label "Add Funds" that matches what we would probably search for in the absence of developer tools.




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            Peachy Velasco Navigator

            Print Center v2.4 or greater now offers the ability to enable or disable the 'Add Funds' link on the Print Center UI.

            By default, the Print Center UI includes the Add Funds button, which allows users to add funds to their Pharos accounts via credit card, debit card, or a PayPal account.

            If you want to prevent users from adding funds via the Print Center, navigate to System > System Settings in Pharos Administrator and uncheck the Allow Add Funds option. This will remove the 'Add Funds' button link in Pharos Print Center.


            Note: This setting is available only if you have a Credit Card Gateway license.

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