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Printer Job status and Feedback questions

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by Steven English

Originally commented in how to notify client if error on printer


I am interested in some kind of "feedback" to the end user at the release station (we're using the Pharos Station software running on a VM system).  It would help me A LOT to be able to tell the end user why (or at least a better idea) as to why the release station refused to release their job.  Or if their job was released and then saw an error ... what happened.  Perhaps even provide a place for them to enter feedback ("nothing happened", "printer is jammed!", "your system sucks")... something that helps us to better serve our customers.


Also, our system has around 470 "Direct" queues on one of our Uniprint servers, and creating packages for each of those "Direct" queues ... would be extremely tedious (not to mention a pain to manage) ... therefore we only create a package if it is necessary.  I wish I could provide better job status (or error status) feedback to the end users without having to create each and everyone of those packages followed by installing the packages on a few thousand computers, though I'm getting the impression that is what would be necessary.


As for the "PrintEndJob - Notify User.txt" script ... I assume this provides feedback to end users of Direct Printing queues ONLY, and only when the end user's printer installation was done with the Pharos Packages (which include Pharos Popup, Pharos Notify, etc.), correct?   I've located the "PrintEndJob - Notify User.txt" file on the Uniprint 8.4 CD (same path as version 9, we're using 8.4).


Also, does the "PrintEndJob - Notify User.txt" script also notify Mac users (if their Mac is setup with the Pharos Popup)?  Or is it only the Windows systems?  I'm not aware of Pharos Notify being part of the setup for Mac users.



- Paul L.