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    Pharos Scripting Documentation

    Nathan Weddle Newbie

      I'm in the process of testing our migration of Pharos 8.x to 9 and integrating it with out Blackboard Transact system. I'm trying to setup some logon and billing scripts to handle billing with our Blackboard Transact system. I actually have it working, but want to try and adjust my scripts a bit from the default. However, I can't seem to find any documentation on the scripting language.


      I see references to the "Pharos Scripting Language Primer", but can't seem to actually find that doc.


      Any assistance would be appreciated.




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          Steven English Guide

          Nathan Weddle,


          The scripts are on the CD in the following path "\tools\plugins\scripts" in relation to the root folder of the CD image.  The multi-purse + gateway script labeled "Billing - Pharos Accounts Plus Online Accounts" is the one you would want to start with.  The Pharos Script Primer is located in the actual Pharos.chm help file located in the help folder or the CD, and more easily accessible just from the Pharos Administrator by pressing F1 and searching for "primer" under the search tab.  The other section of the help that will prove beneficial is the section called "Plug-In Interfaces" which is also easily found with a simple search for "plugins" from the search tab of the help.