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How to Know Whether All Clients Are at Current Level

Question asked by andrew on Jul 30, 2015

As I assume most folks do, we upgraded our server environment, and left the upgrade of the desktop environment to the desktop team. The beautiful thing about Pharos as compared to some other products we've worked with, is that they allowed this backward compatibiltiy, though with no guarantee and a stern warning to upgrade ASAP. Of course, our desktop folks got "right on it". In fairness, they did, but that does not mean the job was ever finished. Is there a reliable way I can find out, from the server side, whether all the clients attached to the server during a given period of time were using the current version of client (or, perhaps, which versions of client have attached in an given period of time)?


I appreciate any tips and pointers, as I am not aware of any log of client versions anywhere, but would be surprised if I'm the first to ask this...