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Locked Documents/MyPrintCenter

Question asked by Mark Robertson on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by Peter Dills

Hi folks!  Been a busy summer so far and haven't visited here lately.  WOW a lot of fun stuff has come rolling out!


I do have a problem I wanted to see if anyone else was having.  The University is a Gov Doc repository.  Hard-copy as well as digital. It seems that I have had several patrons download locked documents from gov sites and then send it to MyPrintCenter.  All looks well, then when the patron attempts to print it, they will get charged but no doc.


I was surprised that MobilePrint 2 did not check the state of the doc before charging.  I checked with my guys and confirmed that this is the proper operation of MyPrintCenter.


Is this something that can be addressed in coming releases?  It's not really a good practice to be charged before MyPrintCenter knows the doc can be unlocked.  Patrons have not been happy.


Thanks for any help