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    Locked Documents/MyPrintCenter

    Mark Robertson Ranger

      Hi folks!  Been a busy summer so far and haven't visited here lately.  WOW a lot of fun stuff has come rolling out!


      I do have a problem I wanted to see if anyone else was having.  The University is a Gov Doc repository.  Hard-copy as well as digital. It seems that I have had several patrons download locked documents from gov sites and then send it to MyPrintCenter.  All looks well, then when the patron attempts to print it, they will get charged but no doc.


      I was surprised that MobilePrint 2 did not check the state of the doc before charging.  I checked with my guys and confirmed that this is the proper operation of MyPrintCenter.


      Is this something that can be addressed in coming releases?  It's not really a good practice to be charged before MyPrintCenter knows the doc can be unlocked.  Patrons have not been happy.


      Thanks for any help



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          John Siegel Guide

          Hi Mark

                                It hasn't been a big issue at CU, but we've had that come up over tax season when folks try to print out IRS forms. Some of them are locked. Our experience was that they never made it to the queue. We seem to have more issues involving students wanting to print one page out of X number of pages of a PDF, but the document won't allow it, or the document isn't printable at all (usually locked down practice exams, apparently no one thought about screen captures ).


                                             What happens when these jobs printed via Uniprint or Mobileprint without using MPC?



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            Jeff Herald Guide



            We have this as a feature request we are working on.  The initial plan is to simply have the system recognize documents that are locked as you describe, and alert the user that these are unsupported.  This will prevent the accidental charge for a document that is unprintable.  We are also investigating ways to potentially ask for passwords upon release.  Again, that's secondary and will take more time.  Look forward to a product update in the future for this issue.


            -Jeff Herald

            Pharos Systems

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              John Siegel Guide

              Cool, at our location, a "document not supported" message would help get rid of a lot of the Pharos\Xerox never works with PDF's complaints!  : )