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Pharos "Extend Session" setting occasionally not working?

Question asked by brad on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by brad

Ok, this is a bit of a weird one (just for a change heh), so any insight, suggestions etc. would be much appreciated.


Firstly, our client environment:


Pharos SignUp 8.2.6005.502 (upgrade is in the pipelines)

Win7 HP all-in-one touch-screen PCs with DeepFreeze (for patron security/privacy, etc)

Configured in Pharos to Reboot on Logoff, Can Extend Session, reservation types are Immediate/Queued/Scheduled, configured for a max reservation time of 60 minutes

The public user group is configured for a maximum of 120 minutes/day


And now, the problem/question:


We've had a couple of reports that the "Extend Session" side of things is not always working. Now, I've been through the criteria for the session being extended with the staff, and have established that there were no bookings at the time the session was cut "short" at 60 minutes, instead of being auto extended, and there were also a number of available workstations.


I've had a look at the few things I could think of in logs, session info, etc. to try and determine what the cause might have been, but not been able to find anything. Wondering if anyone's able to suggest something I may have missed? It's obviously not a huge "world-is-ending" issue - but when you have a visitor logged in with a guest card come up and tell you that they've been warned about being booted off shortly, you tell them "It's fine, your session will extend", only to have them come back 5 minutes later to tell you that you were wrong... it's not an awesome customer service experience... so helping the staff to avoid that in future would be kinda nice