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    Uniprint Group assign by Active Directory

    Paul LaFollette Guide

      Is there a way to get Uniprint User Group membership assigned according to user Active Directory membership?  Or to synchronize the memberships?


      We are exploring using group memberships to aid/control printer access and would like to sync/mirror our Active Directory structure in the Uniprint Group memberships, preferrably near real time or at least frequently sync on a schedule.


      We're currently running Uniprint 8.4 and will be upgrading to 9 down the road.  We are not using LDAP at this time, but do have usernames being entered into Uniprint by import script and SQL commands.



      - Paul L.

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          Richard Post Guide

          It is possible to sync the Uniprint user's group membership with Active Directory, but there is one important thing to note.  Users in Uniprint are only able to be in one group, whereas in AD, users may be in several different groups.  The information about synchronizing the data can be found in the "Batch Load Technical" article of the Pharos Help applet.    Still, I'd suggest that we set up a call to go into more depth and fully answer any inquiries you may have.  Then, once you are settled, we can report back to the forum what you plan to do and how to do it (for everyone's benefit).

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