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    Release Station Displaying "color sheet/s" in Job Count Message for B&W Print Jobs (HP Universal Print Driver)

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      I would like to share a solution to a problem we were having in case it helps someone else.  I have Barry Dickens to thank for this.


      As displayed in the image below, if we sent a print job to our B&W print queue, but the source (e.g. web page) contained colour, we would still have a reference to "color sheet/s" (e.g. "1 color sheet at a cost of $0.25").


      This would still occur even though the "Printer Type" for the relevant "Device" was set to "B&W" and the "device type" in "Printer Properties" in Windows was set to "Monochrome".


      The fix in the end was changing our driver for the Black and White printer from "HP Universal Printing PCL 6" to "HP Universal Printing PCL 5".  We have kept "HP Universal Printing PCL 6" for our colour printer.




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          Scott Olswold Guide



          Thanks for giving Barry Dickens his props. For those who would like to know the "why" behind all of this:


          The Hewlett-Packard Universal Print Driver can do different things based on its configuration, and some of these things can cause the Pharos software to interpret the file in a different way than expected. Scott provided an excellent test-case for this.


          In PCL XL (or 6), unlike PCL5, RGB color specification can be used to specify grayscale or monotone objects, and that's where the problem lies. When you use the Universal Print Driver for PCL6 and specify the "Device Type" as Monochrome, it dutifully defines the colors for objects as they occur, and if an object comes in specified in a mix of RGB (bitmap objects are common for this), the driver dutifully passes it in the spool file. Now the device, if it is truly a monochrome printer, dutifully converts the RGB specification into a gray value by equating the density of the color to a monochrome value (which is pretty good, actually; monochrome values can occupy 0 to 255 and any integer value in between). However, the UPD does one other (or rather, doesn't do) thing: it fails to provide a RENDERMODE setting for the print job.


          Huh? OK, some stepping back: back before the UPD, Hewlett-Packard only provided device-specific printer drivers. If you installed a color printer driver, you had the choice, via Properties at print time, to choose either Color or Monochrome output (either as a checkbox or a radio-button selection). Whichever you chose, you'd end up with this:




          with either COLOR or GRAYSCALE hanging off the "=" sign (or, in some drivers, SET COLORPLANES with numeric values). We use that when interpreting the print file for job costing. If it is missing from the PJL command section, but the job contents still include color designation, we have to assume that color intends to be output. In fact, you if try this:


          Install the UPD PCL6 driver and configure it as a monochrome device. Point it at a color printer. Now, select a file that has color bitmaps or EMF graphics in it and send it to that queue.


          You'll notice that your color graphics print out in COLOR! In my webinar Universal Print Drivers Webinar Recording with Q&A I discuss this, suggesting that the Device Type "Color" be used and then modifying the color mode of the default settings to avoid this.



          Scott O

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