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ADA accomodations for Blind students printing via Pharos

Question asked by John Siegel on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by John Siegel

               Is anyone currently running Pharos Uniprint and supporting printing by blind or visually impaired students? Know of any locations that are? Are they being supported by faculty and staff individually or via technology? This has come up recently at CU and we are looking into what we will need to do to provide this capability.





10 27 2015: Update


                Following a complaint to the Department of Justice (D.O.J.)  and subsequent investigation, the University of Colorado added additional staff and resources to address the various items pointed out by the D.O.J. As part of a proactive strategy, OIT recently hired an individual whose job it is to follow up on ADA issues. At the moment, the group has agreed that it makes the most sense to continue the current process of having faculty and/or staff help students with printing in the cases involving visual impairment. Everyone agreed that even if the job submission is facilitated, there is no way for the user to verify the quality or completion of the job. There are currently staff available in the main libraries to assist patrons, and since the majority of the printing occurs in these locations, it meets the "reasonable accommodation" requirements of ADA. We will continue to monitor the needs of the student body and make potential adjustments to the program as needed\required.