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    Direct queues and Policy print?

    Niklas Malmström Wayfarer



      In our printing environment we are running both Blueprint Administrator and Follow Me Print with secure queues and direct queues via regular virtual servers.

      It's in no way a prefered solution, but german laws and their workers council are quite strong and stubborn, so Follow Me Print can only be optional.


      Now there is a project running to lower out print out costs and one of the options I'm investigating is Policy Print by Pharos, and maybe together with Preton Pixel Optimizer.

      But since we have this mixed environment, the savings potential is quite low since half of the fleet is in Germany and they are not using Pharos to print, but direct printing.

      This also affects our abilities to report in a proper way, we can only get good statistics from the Follow Me Print usage, but not the rest and it's a huge number. (In average we print 5 million pages a month, and only 2.1 goes through Blueprint)


      1. If I install a Blueprint collector on the servers with direct queues, will I then be able to get their usage in to the reports?
      2. As I've understood it, the queues on that server will create a device in Blueprint if they don't already exist there, right?
      3. Would it be possible, together with the PC client tracker, to apply the policies to the print outs on these queues, or does that only work with secure queues?


      Is there any one else here that is running with Policy Print on a enteprise environment? Or is sitting with the same mix?

      Any comments or ideas are welcome :-)

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          tcampbell@pharos.com Navigator

          Hello Niklas,


          Your mix of direct and secure queues is quite common, so you are certainly not alone with this configuration.  The challenges you have raised can be overcome with one critical component of Blueprint: the Blueprint Print Scout (formerly referred to as the Blueprint Tracker).


          1.  Install the Print Scout onto all of your Windows print servers that are hosting direct print queues.  The Print Scout will record and report all print activity that flows through these queues.

          2.  The Print Scout will also report information about each logical print queue on those servers so that Blueprint can create print device records to represent each physical printer which is generating print volume.

          3.  Installing the Print Scout on each user's workstation opens up a whole new world of features.  First of all, it records and reports print activity at the source where the print is generated.  This allows the Print Scout to detect and report the application name that is generating the print, for example, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook, etc., which is useful data for making decisions about user printing behavior and printing policies.  It also allows data to be recorded for printing that occurs outside of your print servers, for example, printers that are attached directly to the workstation via direct IP or USB connections.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the workstation based Print Scout provides Policy Print functionality, as well as delegation support and other useful user tools, like the ability to view and delete secure jobs that are awaiting release within Secure Release Here.  Couple the Print Scout with the Toner Savings agent and you have the ability to apply policy-based toner optimization to further reduce the cost of printing.


          I hope this information has helped to address the challenges with which you are faced.  If you require some more information or have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Best regards,


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              Niklas Malmström Wayfarer

              Hi tim, and thanks for your reply!


              I kinda figured out that I was not the only one with a mixed environment, and it's good to hear that there might be a solution for my challenges. Is there any place where I can read more about this Print Scout, like a white paper or something?

              I'm pretty sure that the unions in Germany want's to know what kind of data the scout is collecting and what can be done with it.


              Do I need to have it installed on each client, or is that just an nice-to-have feature and I will still get good reports by having it only on the servers?


              And finally, is the Scout an alone feature and requires it's own license or can this be added to the current configuration we have without additional charges?



              Best regards,


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                  David Teviotdale Adventurer



                  Sorry for the delay in responding.

                  Details on the print scout are here Print Scout Deployment Guide (Updated for SP 5.4)


                  > Do I need to have it installed on each client, or is that just an nice-to-have feature and I will still get good reports by having it only on the servers?


                  You can install it just on the print servers.  In that case, you will loose a small amount of information, such as the application was used to generate each print job, but that's about it.  You will still get

                  • the person who printed,
                  • the job name,
                  • and number of pages.

                  > is the Scout an alone feature and requires it's own license


                  The Print Scout does NOT require a separate license, or additional charges.


                  Best Regards,


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