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Direct queues and Policy print?

Question asked by Niklas Malmström on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2015 by David Teviotdale



In our printing environment we are running both Blueprint Administrator and Follow Me Print with secure queues and direct queues via regular virtual servers.

It's in no way a prefered solution, but german laws and their workers council are quite strong and stubborn, so Follow Me Print can only be optional.


Now there is a project running to lower out print out costs and one of the options I'm investigating is Policy Print by Pharos, and maybe together with Preton Pixel Optimizer.

But since we have this mixed environment, the savings potential is quite low since half of the fleet is in Germany and they are not using Pharos to print, but direct printing.

This also affects our abilities to report in a proper way, we can only get good statistics from the Follow Me Print usage, but not the rest and it's a huge number. (In average we print 5 million pages a month, and only 2.1 goes through Blueprint)


  1. If I install a Blueprint collector on the servers with direct queues, will I then be able to get their usage in to the reports?
  2. As I've understood it, the queues on that server will create a device in Blueprint if they don't already exist there, right?
  3. Would it be possible, together with the PC client tracker, to apply the policies to the print outs on these queues, or does that only work with secure queues?


Is there any one else here that is running with Policy Print on a enteprise environment? Or is sitting with the same mix?

Any comments or ideas are welcome :-)