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Unable to log in to Block Reservation - "This PC is reserved for another user".

Question asked by Scott Rath on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by Scott Rath

I am interested to know if anybody has encountered a similar problem to this.


After successfully creating a Block Reservation through Nerve Centre, we are unable to log in as a Pharos user, even if this user and pin is specified when creating the Block Reservation.  At the specified time, the reserved computer will display a message saying that the machine is reserved and will quote the "Name" provided through the Block Reservation wizard in Nerve Centre.


If you click to log in, you do get asked for the "Block Password" and this appears to be accepted, as you are taken to the login screen.  However at the same time, a message pops up saying "Pharos : This PC is reserved for another user".  If you then enter the user name and pin, the "reserved for another user" message pops up again.


I have tried creating a Block Reservation both with the "Authenticated" check box selected, and also with the check box de-selected, where I have provided the details for user I want to log in with.


It doesn't appear to be a machine specific problem, as I have tried the same on another machine with the same result.