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    Problem when forwarding email from Android phone

    gavin.devilliers@lexmark.co.za Wayfarer

      I am looking for some advice to help my customer who has Mobile Print 1.3.2 (on Uniprint 8.4 platform).

      When forwarding an email with an attachment from an Android phone, the entire email is forward in an "Envelope" (see screenshot).


      Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.53.00.png

      When opening the Envelope attachment, you can see the original email message and attachment.


      Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 14.02.54.png


      The problem is Mobile Print is not able to process this message and excel file within the attachment.


      Has anyone perhaps managed to find a solution to this problem?

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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Gavin,


          Mobile Print will not open the attachment which is a "message" and process the files within it.  There could be multiple "message" attachments in an email with many files within it.  Mobile Print would not know which ones were intended to be processed and which ones were not.  Additionally opening the message itself could be a dangerous.


          The problem here is how the mail client is forwarding the attachment.  To add to the problem it may vary based on the version of the Android OS in use and the mail client/server system being used.  After briefly reading through a few articles on the internet not all Android version have the same settings that can be used based on the mail system being used.


          The user should be able to "Save" the attachment first then add it to an email to be sent to Mobile Print.



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          Jeff Geller