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    SignUp client version vs. server version?

    John Benedetto Adventurer

      Can the SignUp client version differ from the version of SignUp installed on the server?

      I was given to understand that the version of SignUp has to match the version of Uniprint installed on the server, but this question - Re: SignUp on Mac - Stop after Login  - seems to indicate that you may be able to run a newer version of the SignUp client than is installed on the server?


      So is it that the SignUp client can be newer than the installed version of Uniprint, but not older?  Is that correct?

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          Steven English Guide

          Good Morning John,


          The short answer is yes, it can differ, but it also varies as to how it can differ - primarily depending on which operating system you are using.


          On the Windows side, I am fairly certain that it will not let you install any version of SignUp that differs from the version the server is running.  This would prevent one from installing a newer version of SignUp than is installed on the server.  However, it is not uncommon for a server to be upgraded which would result in a version difference between server and client.  This scenario has intended backward compatibility so that the existing clients do not all require updates before the site will resume functionality.  I have never seen an incident where an older SignUp client did not work with a newer server, but if the situation were encountered, upgrading the workstations to the current version would be the fastest path to resolution (any fix from Pharos would likely take longer than touching the clients, and you might still need to update them if the fix were client-side instead of server-side.


          On the Mac front, they have always more or less been independent of the server version.  You may have noticed in the read me for the current Mac SignUp client that it supports server versions 8.2 and newer (and has been tested with 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, and 9.0).  Apple changes things on their OS each time it is released, and sometimes those changes result in a newer version of the SignUp client (or Uniprint client) being needed.  I typically recommend that you test the latest components on a single workstation running the newest release of OS X prior to upgrading all of them.  Maverick was one that SignUp was not compatible with until a new client was released by Pharos, but the newer client version did not necessitate a server upgrade (the newer Mac client worked with the older server version).



          Older SU Client on newer server*

          Same SU client as server


          MAC OS X:

          Older SU Client on newer server*

          Same SU client as server

          Newer SU client on older server**


          *   Designed to give you time to get the workstations updated, not to be run for months or years on end (see the version numbers listed in the SignUp > Computers list to see if you have some stragglers that have not been updated yet)

          **  Dependent on OS compatibility and the server versions that the client has been tested against.  History suggests that in general if the OS supports the client, the server will support it too with a few outlying exceptions.