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    Pharos Station with PC availability

    Nigel Howard Wayfarer



      Does anybody know if it is possible to display additional information on the Pharos booking station?


      We are building a new library in Christchurch New Zealand & would like to have a Pharos station & queue per floor of the building for Public access PCs.  When a library customer logs onto the Pharos station, they will have the option to choose a floor that they wood like to book a PC on.  I would like to be able to display the current number of free PCs per queue (floor) adjacent to the buttons on the booking station, this would allow customers to book a PC on the floor of their choice knowing the availability.  The other issue is how we display ALL the queues in the building on one display or queue?


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          brad Pioneer

          Nigel - firstly, I don't have an answer for you, I'm afraid. Thankfully, our Libraries section have not thought to request this particular "feature". With any luck, they won't anytime soon


          About the only thing I can add for you, though, is to say that the queue display is just a web page. So you could, theoretically, just line up a few pages as vertical columns, each pointing at a different queue. That's a possible (but rather "clunky") way of doing it. Otherwise, I imagine if you have a web dev in your team, it (probably) wouldn't be too hard for them to re-write the delivered queue station page to incorporate a number of queues on the one page?