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    Pharos Station Widescreen?

    Mark Elmore Adventurer

      I doubt this is possible but is there a way to make pharos station widescreen? If there isn't a way could it be possible to add that as a feature in the future? The reason I am asking is we have Dell Latitude 10 tablets with an aspect ratio of 16:9 instead of 4:3. While it doesn't look too terribly bad currently I would love to have the entire screen used and not have to see empty screen space on the sides. These are touch screen tablets and now that we have made the conversion to a single card swipe login we have since removed keyboards and mice so having the entirety of the screen being used by pharos station would be beneficial. Thank you in advance!

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          Jeff Herald Guide



          The PS Station software does not currently work any differently that you've described.  There are no current plans to change that.  I appreciate what you are saying and I agree it would be nice, it's just not in the pipeline of work at this time,


          -Jeff Herald

          Technical Product Manager

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              Mark Elmore Adventurer



              Thank you for your confirmation. I didn't think it was possible but it never hurts to ask. I know it's not a huge problem, it's just an aesthetic preference so I understand that it's not on your guys' priority list. Just something that would look nice given the more widespread default of 16:9. Thanks again!

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              Nigel Howard Wayfarer

              Thanks for your posting Mark.


              We have had a similar issue with our wide screen (16:9) monitors.  Practically all monitors are now in the 16:9 ratio, so I think the option to have the Pharos Station work with this format of monitor should be a reasonably high priority & a relatively simple change.


              It doesn't give a good impression of the software when our customer walk in & see the black lines - it's a bit like those Windows error messages on Airport terminal monitors that appear sometimes.



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                  Mark Elmore Adventurer



                  Are you guys doing anything to hid that? Such as an overlay program? If you are how well does it work and which program are you using? If not then at least there is some food for thought. I am currently searching for some sort of solution such as overlaying a logo or a phone number.

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                  Nigel Howard Wayfarer

                  Found a solution, which was very obvious :-)


                  I changed the screen resolution on the Pharos Station to 1024x768 via Windows (Right mouse click on desktop, Screen Resolution & change 1920x1080 to 1024x768).  If (& only if) you have the Advanced settings option, you should be able to set the graphics driver to Scale Full Screen - unfortunately the options in the graphics driver will depend on the vendor.   The desktop on our PCs re-scales the 4:3 Pharos Station display to the 16:9 aspect ratio & the screen is now showing without those vertical bars.


                  System Details:

                  OS: Windows 7

                  Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 4600

                  Monitor: Dell U2312HM


                  Hope this helps & let me know how you get on.

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