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Charging for Scans ?

Discussion created by Richard Post on May 21, 2015
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Recently, I have been asked by several customers if there are other customers out there that are charging for their scanning on the Pharos iMFP (embedded software in the copier/multi-function devices).   The reason that schools want to charge for this is typically to dissuade for copyright materials from being copied.  Things like course packs that bookstores print up and sell to students are being scanned in and either given away or even pirated and sold.   This not only results in the loss of revenue of the course pack, but the packs that are not sold also cost money to print in the first place.   Charging a small amount, like $0.01/page remarkably, actually reduces this problem significantly.  It keeps the honest or nearly honest kids honest.  Those out to steal the pack and resell it may still do so, but you at least have a chance to see who made exactly the number of copies equal to that of the course packs.   Course packs are not the only thing being illegally copied, but they make for a nice example.


That leads me to my question to the forum...   Do you charge for Scan ?  If so, how much do you charge ?  What hurdles did you overcome ?  Has it helped ?