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Blueprint Documentation Feedback

Discussion created by Nikolay Karetnikov on May 11, 2015
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Let me please share some feedback on BP documentation I had after BP5.1 installation on Windows 2008R2 Cluster.

I should say that among many products I worked with, the Blueprint has one of the best documentations. That being said let me write a bit of a feedback on a flip side of it.

Blueprint Installation Guide.pdf

1) Page 65: Kerberos thing  - may be for Windows 2003 it is necessary, but for Windows 2008R2 it is not, moreover the link ( provided on the page 65 is for Windows 2003, not for 2008R2.


2) The same page: For Windows 2008R2 environment instead of IP Address Resource and Name Resource there should be just one line - Client Access Point creation (which is actually mentioned later on the page 66 of Blueprint Installation Guide.pdf)


3) Constant reference to the page 56 seems to be a typo, it should be 65 instead

4) Not really a major issue, but still a thing that could have saved some time googling

Blueprint Configuration Guide.pdf should describe a queue creation in a cluster environment. There a printer queue should be created on a cluster spooler, not on a local one. Here is the link on that describes how to do that

which says "

  • Never start from the local Printers folder. The cluster always appears remote, even if you are working on the active cluster node. Instead, type the cluster name (for example, \\Cluster-prn) in the Run menu. Then click the remote Printers folder that is displayed


And right click way to "Secure queue" doesn't work in a cluster. Should run the tool to detect a cluster printer.


If I had anything wrong or misunderstood what is said in the documentation, it would be good to read Pharos comments on it.

If, on the other hand, the documentation indeed needs to be corrected, hope this post will help making it a little bit better.


Thank you!