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Device discovery question

Question asked by David DeWolfe on May 7, 2015
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We, the University of Alaska - Fairbanks, are new to Beacon and are in the process of evaluating it. We have, via the Beacon web portal, created a Scout and obtained a registration code. We then downloaded the software and installed it on a Windows system. I have successfully used the Windows Device Scout Discovery application to discover devices and upload them to the Beacon server where we can view them and their toner levels etc. My question is regarding device discovery as it relates to the web portal. If I select my device scout in the portal and click on "Configure" I can configure IP addresses and address ranges to scan and when to perform the scans etc. This would seem to imply that the scans would be originating from a Pharos server somewhere. Is that the case? I have read through the posts on this forum and I have seen references to using the Windows app when you want to perform manual, on-demand device discovery but I am unclear as to how the automated discovery takes place and where the scans are initiated. If anything is initiated on the Pharos side we'd obviously need to know where the traffic was coming from and on what port so that we could allow it through firewalls etc.


Can someone clarify this process for me and/or point me at the applicable documentation?