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    Mobile Print Workflow service CPU usage

    Joe Wilkerson Newbie



      Seeing abnormally high usage on a system that's lightly used at best.  The workflow service is utilizing ~70-95% CPU, tack that on with an active AV service and I'm looking at 100% CPU full time.


      Would this be remedied most likely by just adding another CPU (VM environment)?  I do realize the documentation clearly states a min of 2 CPUs for the mobileprint portion/etc, but was only allowed a 1 CPU server.


      Altering the max parallel connections allowed, as well as changing polling frequency had no net impact on usage.



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          Richard Post Guide

          If you are using MobilePrint 1.3.x,  check the size of the *.db files located under C:\ProgramData\PharosSystems\MobilePrint.  The MP Workflow service requires increasing CPU when it's *.db files grow large.

          The EventTrackingStore.db stores event details, which can include warnings and errors.  If there is or was a repeated MP warning or error message, then this file will grow very large.


          If this file is large or growing quickly


          1. Stop all of the MP services
          2. Delete EventTrackingStore.db
          3. Restart the MP services (in the following order)
            •      MP Configurator service
            •      MP Workflow service
            •      MP Worker service
            •      MP Authenticator service
            •      MP Website service


          DO NOT delete IdCache.db.  It stores the registered email addresses.


          If this doesn't fix the issue, please enter a support ticket to have our team look closer into this.

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