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    Beacon Print Scout

    dan gharrity Newbie

      Hello All,

      We (I) are new to Beacon, and are in the process of evaluating it. My question is this:

      We deployed a Print Scout to a segment of our network, and it has been installed on the computers that I wanted to test with but I cannot figure out how to collect data from these computers. Specifically I need to collect which computers have locally connected printers, and what the details and stats are for those printers.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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          Jeff Geller Guide

          Hi Dan,


          Than you for your question.  Once you have installed the Print Scout, print jobs that go through the Windows Print Spooler will be tracked.  Each time something is printed on the client the Print Scout will send this job information to Beacon.  If you login to the Beacon web site you should be able to see the Scouts begin registering themselves under Discover > Print Scout.  There is no further configuration you need to do for the Scout to begin to collect data from a client machine.



          In this same location above you can also see the "Health Updated" column which tell you when the Scout last sent a heartbeat with its status.  If you click on the "Columns" button towards the top right corner you can add another column called "Last Job" so you can see when a particular client sent its last print job to Beacon.


          *The clients need to be able to communicate to https://printscout.beacon.pharos.com/


          I added two links below from a previous discussion in the forum and a link to an idea that was created where people can vote on things.


          *There is this discussion in the community that offers information on how to find them in Beacon.

          Print Scout - Where List Printers


          *This is a a vote started for an"Idea" in Beacon where you can vote on the Local Device idea or others.

          Local device filter should show only local devices


          Let me know if this helps.



          Jeff Geller

          Pharos Systems Technical Support

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