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    Silent Install for Windows Popup Clients

    Jason Watkins Adventurer



      I have a package that I need to deploy via MDT. MDT uses a silent install option for its applications. I read the online kb article for version 7.0, but it doesn't seem to work on 9.0 packages


      Silent install option for Pharos Install Packages.


      When I use the '-quiet' option, nothing gets installed. Has something changed?



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          Nail Cho Adventurer

          Hi Jason,


          In our environment we use the Kace Kbox option to do the same thing. When I tried to perform a slient install our Symantec Endpoint Anti Virus application blocked the install thinking it was a virus. Since we have access to the Symantec Endpoint server we just white listed the Pharos package installer and then it worked correctly. First try running the package installer locally on the target computer and see if manually performing the silent install works or if it gets blocked by any Anti Virus software. Good luck and let the community know your results.