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    Customized Report

    Mark Simon Newbie

      Am now using Crystal Reports (v10) and need to link the Computer utilization report and the Transactions report. Has anyone done this? The Transactions report is closest to what we want (a data file of transactions at the machine level) but assumes no one needs to identify branches or machines. We need to justify our usage of the 430 customer-facing PC's in our 22 branches for the FY16 budget process. Short of generating the transactions report on an day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis.

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          Steven English Guide



          Seeing how the Crystal Reports are made to be "pretty" and most of my customers that need something other than what is in the canned reports really only care about raw data, you might consider extracting the information that you need straight from the database instead.  It should be relatively straightforward to join the necessary tables to get what you are after if what you are after is not in the view.




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            Nic Meadows Ranger


            This isn't going to be a straight forward exercise. The Pharos reports rely upon SQL stored procedures to generate the data, which the Pharos reports app passes parameters to and then displays using the Crystal reports engine.

            As Steven has hinted the first step in this would be to create a SQL query that generates the data you need, this can then be wrapped up as a stored procedure and used in either cyrstal reports or if you are lucky and there is a Pharos report that uses the same parameters, in Pharos reports. The key is the SQL query and that's what is going to take the time to write.....

            Good Luck!