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Ricoh copy stations

Question asked by Vincent Thompson on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 2, 2015 by John Stewart

I'm testing an Aficio model now for integration into our Pharos server.  I can get everything to work with the iMFP software, but I have a question regarding other's experience with the copy station function.  When I have the copy station active and the Pharos client installed on the Ricoh, to perform copy functions I have to hit the Home button on the Ricoh and then select the Copy icon on the display.  On the Canon software, everything is in one place and you can limit the user from exiting the Pharos software.  The Ricoh software doesn't seem to be as tight/integrated as the Canon software.  Is there anyway to limit the user to the Pharos software on the Ricoh's?  Can the copy function be accessed from within the Pharos client?

For a student to use the copy function and then get back to the Pharos client to simply logout or release a job, they would have to hit Home and then select Pharos from the display; they aren't going to know to do that.  If there is not a way to access the copy functions within the Pharos interface and limit them to that interface, this software needs to be rewritten.

Thanks for any help!