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    Pharos Beacon Deployment through Active Directory

    Ricky Johnson Tracker

      Beacon Users:


      Does anyone have a recommended way of deploying Beacon to Windows machines through Active Directory?  We don't have a software deployment solution for our campus, so this is our only mass-deployment option.


      I've experimented using a GPP and setting in an Immediate Task, but it is kind of cumbersome.  I've thought about doing the registry RunOnce application (since the Pharos Beacon Deployment folder is on a share that everyone has access to), but I don't have experience in doing the registry changes through AD policy.


      Any other thoughts?  Does anyone have recommended ways of encapsulating the executable into silent *.msi file?  That would be ideal for software deployment through and AD GPO.


      -Ricky Johnson

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          Paul LaFollette Guide

          Don't know about getting into a silent *.msi file, but the *.exe allows for silent execution with the /silent parameter.   Just make sure the executable is executed with Administrative rights and with the /silent parameter.


          From my experience, the Group Policy approach doesn't lend well to copying files to the local machine unless you had the Group Policy run a Batch or Command file (*.bat or *.cmd) to execute a series of commands in which you transferred any necessary files and executed stuff. 


          On the up side, if you're able to get your Group Policy to execute a *.bat or *.cmd file, you could then have a series of commands execute IF statements to check if a file was already present on the destination system before executing the Beacon deployment.  Once the Beacon is on the destination system there would be a file you could check for, and if present the IF statements in the *.bat or *.cmd could skip deployment if the looked for file was already present on the destination system.  For example, on a Windows 7 systems with Print Scout installed would have the "PrintScoutInstaller.exe" file present in the C:\ProgramData\PharosSystems\PrintScout\Deployment folder.


          - Paul L.

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