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    User Locked to Konica iMFP device

    Alex Schumacher Wayfarer

      On certain models of Konica copier we have on campus, a user will login to the iMFP software, make copies, etc, then log out. If they go to another copier, however, they get the error message "The user is locked on Terminal '<terminal name>'" and they can't login. Does anyone know why they don't get unlocked, or how to fix that for users? I don't see anything like that in the iMFP console or the Pharos Administrator console.  They will get unlocked if some other user comes and uses the first copier on which their account is locked.

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          Timothy Grzeczka Pioneer

          I'm not as familiar with the Konica iMFP but the HP iMFP can cause the same situation. Pharos wont let a user be logged into more than one "terminal" at the same time be it a Kiosk or Release Station. When a user is locked like that on the HP iMFP the only way I've found to clear it is to either have another user sign into the "locked" device or to stop and start IIS on the server running the HP iMFP Server.

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            J.C. Doll Wayfarer

            When we first rolled out the KM iMFP software we had a different issue but the same symptoms, so not sure how helpful this will be.


            In our case the Principle/Database/GS Gold Gateway server had a hardware problem that would cause the whole server to freeze for a minute+.  A student would swipe their card, the authentication process would start but the iMFP software on the device would time-out.  The server once it decided to unfreeze itself would lock the user to the device preventing them from signing in anywhere else giving the same error message. Once we resolved the principle server problem by reloading a new server on a virtual machine, the problem went away.


            In the KM iMFP Console our time out is set to 60 seconds and the devices are set to auto log out at 60 seconds.

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              Kurt Albrecht Tracker

              This also happens with our Ricoh devices with a frequency of about once a month.  For unknown reasons a printer/copier will hold onto a users credentials which in our case is a card swipe of our Cougar Card.  Since a patron may not use his or her card in 2 locations at the same time, they get the message of "User Locked on iMFP xxxxx".


              They only way that we have found to release the credentials is a re-start of the original device.


              If anyone has come up with something more elegant please share.



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                Chris Paterson Newbie

                We have the same issues with our Canon devices. The update to the latest iMFP software did help but we still see this on an intermittent basis. We have not been able to identify the root cause of the problem as there is no common theme between which devices or accounts we see this on. Like Kurt we remote through to the web interface of the original device they're locked on and reboot that device - this then clears the lock.



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                  Steven English Guide

                  Since the iMFP devices communicate through the Pharos EDI, an IIS reset on the EDI server that the offending device connects to should release or reset the lock as Timothy indicated.  I believe this would work even if the devices communicate through a secondary app (e.g. HP, Xerox, KM), though in those cases they may instead or also need a restart as well.  For HP and Xerox, an IIS reset on the server hosting the web app (though these are usually on the EDI server which kills two birds with one stone), and for Konica Minolta it is a service (Pharos for Konica Minolta if memory serves correctly).




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                    Anjaela Mertens Newbie

                    We have the issue also on our Sharp B & W devices but not on the color devices.  After much trouble shooting trying to resolve this issue we found out the color devices pass a "log out" message to Pharos, but the B & W devices do not.  This usually happens because a student logged into the B&W device then realized they needed color, so logs out and tries to login to the color device and then receives the message.


                    If I am remembering right we have Pharos setup to timeout logins after 10 minutes so eventually the locked status clears due to the timeout.  Other users can continue to use the B & W device, but the locked user cannot login to a different device.  Usually we just manually release their jobs at a service desk in the library to get them on their way. I have not found rebooting the MFP to resolve this, but I'm sure that depends on how each of the MFP's interacts with Pharos so it could work for some setups.

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                      Chris Paterson Newbie

                      The lock is held on the server and I'm sure restarting the IIS service would clear the lock however I wouldn't suggest that restarting this multiple times a day is best practice. Unfortunately our timeout can take up to 2 hours to clear the lock but remote restarting the device appears to clear the lock instantly in all cases where the latest iMPF is installed (well within the 3-4 mins it takes the Canon MFD to power cycle). The latest  iMPF software for Canon looks to have the functionality built in to clear any previous locks on initialisation and connection to Pharos.  Also unlike Anjaela the issue doesn't distinguish between Colour and B&W devices

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                        nbartolotti@pharos.com Tracker

                        Hello everyone.


                        The lock is part of the login sequence.  In pay for print environments the MFP will always pass "lock=true" when it calls GetUserDetails to ensure that a user can't be logged in to two devices at the same time.  This prevents situations where a user logs in twice at two terminals and has the same starting balance available at each terminal.  For obvious reasons this is a scenario to be avoided.


                        As part of normal operations the MFP will call UnlockUser or, if the server does not hear from the MFP for 5 minutes (default) it will release the lock. Restarting IIS, the KM Service, the app service for HP/Xerox, or the MFP will all clear the lock because the lock is not only bound to the user but to the session.  Restarting IIS or the KM service clears all cached session which causes all MFPs to suddenly have invalid sessions which are then automatically reestablished.  Rebooting the MFP forces the MFP to reestablish a new session with the server too.


                        Although the symptom manifests on the MFP, I'll caution against this as a diagnosis because of a lack of supporting evidence (like a log trace) that shows definitively that UnlockUser is not called.  Also the initial report stated "on some Konica devices" which could mean for KM it's specific to a family of devices or a FW revision -- we have seen cases where one FW behaves different from another.  Additionally, since the reports indicate symptoms across MFP manufacturer and sites, a common variable is the server.  From this perspective it is possible that UnlockUser is called but fails (or times out) based on some environmental condition. This kind of failure wouldn't be explicitly shown to the user but it would show up in the logs.  So there are at least three scenarios off the top of my head that could explain the symptom but in very different parts of the system.


                        The benefits to sharing experiences on this forum are visibility to others in the community, visibility to Pharos including the iMFP engineering team, and awareness for Pharos to better understand the scope of a potential issue in the solution.  So please continue to contribute to this thread. 


                        If the need arises to have a more formal investigation started, I encourage anyone with this symptom to submit an incident to the Pharos support portal.


                        Nick Bartolotti

                        Development Manager, iMFP Products and Solutions

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