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    MyPrintCenter ?  For Pharos folks

    Mark Robertson Ranger

      Hi All!


      I had a patron use our plotter.  Afterwards they asked our staff for a receipt.  I suggested going to MyPrintCenter to view the transaction but it would not let me do a direct print screen.  I was able to do a screen capture then print that out but it was a round about way to get it done.


      Would it be really helpful to have an easier way to print individual transactions for reimbursement....


      Just an idea...


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          Jeff Herald Guide



          Could the user not simply display the transaction history on their Print Center web page and then print what is on the screen using the print capability of the browser (i.e. File/Print)?  Sure, that may show more transaction information than needed, but may be a sufficient receipt, indicating the print activity, date/time, and cost.


          I understand what you are asking for, a specific "print receipt" function.  I will take that as a suggestion for consideration in a future version.  (Disclaimer) I can make no guarantee of implementation of such a feature, only that we will consider it among the feature requests.


          Thank you.


          -Jeff Herald - Pharos Systems

          Technical Product Manager - Uniprint

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              Mark Robertson Ranger

              thanks for the reply Jeff.   

              No, when we tried to right click print I got an error.  I tried several things and could get anything to work.

              the print box will not activate.  I have tried this on several computers.

              Finally I did an printscreen and opened it in a photo editor to print.  That was just a pain to need to do that many steps.

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                  Jeff Geller Guide

                  Hi Mark,


                  When I use Firefox v34 I see the print preview it it prints fine as well as when I use IE 11.x.  Seems to be related to using Chrome at the moment.



                  Jeff Geller

                  Pharos Support

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                    Scott Olswold Guide

                    I remember Google Chrome. It used to be a good browser. Then it became all wrapped up in trying to be an operating system for a computer, forcing its users into Google Print, and most recently deciding that Java (not JavaScript, thankfully: they figured it probably wasn't good to make the browser completely useless) wasn't supported.


                    Back in some version, Google even chose to remove the "Print using system dialog" option in its print window...it's a black-hole of printing now that essentially drops a file into the Spooler without so much as a fanfare. I remember when Corel decided to do that. What a time that was for every user that ever had to buy a different printer.


                    Mark, I'm not making light of your situation. Rather, I think the fault is the fault of Google here (since so many other browsers do this quite nicely, thank you very much!) and how it is trying to manage print. But I like the idea of a receipt printer...you just need to make sure that you have a non-managed queue on the client.



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                  Rojaa Matlakunta Navigator



                  I can see preview and able to print the user activity/transaction details(using Firefox v37)