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Print Scout - Uninstall, Delete, Rename

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by Paul LaFollette

We've done our first deployment (in a "test" area) of Print Scout and it is providing data.


Question:  How to uninstall Print Scout from a computer?  (PC or Mac)  We don't see any option to do so (it's not listed in the add/remove).  Nothing in the instructions about un-installing it.  Our organization will not deploy across campus with out the ability to uninstall Print Scout if needed.   Inability to uninstall would be a "deal breaker" with Administration.


Question:  What about removing/deleting a Print Scout from Beacon?  I know the option isn't there (currently) but collecting data can be stopped... but the unit would still be listed.  Computers will be discontinued/replaced/upgraded/renamed/etc over the course of time.  Not being able to remove Print Scouts from the list would be a problem as time goes by.


Question:  What happens with Print Scout when a computer is renamed?  From time to time there is need to rename computers (change of primary user/purpose/location/etc).  Will Print Scout update accordingly?  Will that "break" that particular Print Scout?  What happens?



- Paul L.