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Print Scout - Where List Printers

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Mar 17, 2015
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We've deployed Print Scout (silent install push) to computers in select area of our campus, and it quickly gathered information and data (so far so good).   I see from going to Print Dashboard, then Local Devices Ratio, I get a circular graph showing volume amounts and "buildings" (in our AD, this translates to room and building).


In that same view, if I click on the printer icon on the LH side, is that the ONLY place where I'll get a comprehensive list of the "Local" printers?


The information in the list of Local attached printers is fairly comprehensive, but is there a possibility of listing by printer model (include # of each model) thus giving a clearer idea of how much and where the local devices are?   The system (as is) gives the info on a person by person or device by device view but I don't see a place for Local printer totals as in number of local printers by model.


If I could find a list like that, I'd probably want to be able to make "groups" that I could name.  One of the reasons would be because the AD info giving user's "Building" is often not always entered the same way (it's input by humans) and people may change locations while under the same employer... and people often don't remember to go into the AD and update the Building field.  Thus custom "groups" would be very helpful to someone reviewing this information.



- Paul L.