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    Print Scout - Where List Printers

    Paul LaFollette Guide

      We've deployed Print Scout (silent install push) to computers in select area of our campus, and it quickly gathered information and data (so far so good).   I see from going to Print Dashboard, then Local Devices Ratio, I get a circular graph showing volume amounts and "buildings" (in our AD, this translates to room and building).


      In that same view, if I click on the printer icon on the LH side, is that the ONLY place where I'll get a comprehensive list of the "Local" printers?


      The information in the list of Local attached printers is fairly comprehensive, but is there a possibility of listing by printer model (include # of each model) thus giving a clearer idea of how much and where the local devices are?   The system (as is) gives the info on a person by person or device by device view but I don't see a place for Local printer totals as in number of local printers by model.


      If I could find a list like that, I'd probably want to be able to make "groups" that I could name.  One of the reasons would be because the AD info giving user's "Building" is often not always entered the same way (it's input by humans) and people may change locations while under the same employer... and people often don't remember to go into the AD and update the Building field.  Thus custom "groups" would be very helpful to someone reviewing this information.



      - Paul L.

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          Paul LaFollette Guide

          Re-reading my posting on this, I realize I may not have made it clear enough what I'm looking for.    I simply want to be able to list the "Local devices" and where they are at, even if all I have is the computer through which Print Scout finds them.


          In the Print Dashboard, there is the Device Stats where it shows the number of "Local devices" that Beacon knows about... but nowhere is there a list of those Local devices.


          My setup shows 49 "Local devices", but what and where are they?  The only way to 'find' them is on a one by one basis looking at individual's print usage.  With approximately 320 instances of Print Scout deployed in our "test group" ... That's a lot of digging to put together a list of the devices for which Beacon already has a total count.  If we stay with Beacon and deploy Print Scout to the rest of our systems and buildings, we're looking at over 2500 computers of which there could be as many as 300 "Local devices" ... But who would want to dig through 2500 Print Scout instances to figure out what they are and where those approximately 300 "Local devices" reside?


          In Fleet Management, Beacon lists the devices discovered using Device Scout, but from what I can tell it only lists devices found through Device Scouts.


          A list of "Local devices" similar to the device list in Fleet Management would be very, very nice (IMO).



          - Paul L.

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              Paul LaFollette Guide

              Just to add a little more...


              I can "filter" results and can start discovering the local devices ... in a way.


              First I go into Print, Dashboard

              - Then choose from Print User Print Cost, Color Volume, Singe-Sided Volume, User to Device Ratio, or Local Devices Ratio.

              - Next, I choose to change the Filter to "Back Office" (which then renders Print Scout data listed by Building)


              - Along the LH side of the view, click on the Device icon (looks like a printer).  This will change your view to a listing by device.  NOTE: The list still includes network connected printers that are "local" printers on the computers.


              - By changing the "View By" to Local volume, or Local cost, the list changes to show the Local printers (USB, Parallel, etc.) before the networked "local" printers.


              This sort of gives a list like what I'm after, but it's not very printable.  Chrome won't print it at all.  IE can print it, but it's only a screenfull at a time.  Firefox does it best but it's still just one screenfull at a time.


              - Paul L.

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                  Cal Curtice Adventurer

                  Hi Paul LaFollette,


                     Thanks for the detailed description of the problem and what you are looking for, much appreciated. Based on your string above, you have narrowed the view down close to what we currently have available for viewing local devices. Here are a few more tips that may help, as well as information on how we could better provide the detail you are looking for in future updates:


                  1. You can switch to a table view at the top level in the location hierarchy (the default level when entering the explorer from the dashboard) to see all print devices. By sorting on local volume you will see all local devices ordered from high volume to low volume.



                  2. This still doesn't resolve the need to take this data offline. One of the features we have planned is the ability to run reports across a time range to produce either a PDF or CSV file. In this scenario you would be able to generate a 'Local device report', select a date range, select a file type (PDF or CSV), and download the result. When combined with the planned ability to filter reports by location, you could further refine the output to only include devices in a given physical location or department. Can you possibly weigh in on if this approach works for what you need to do or if there is another approach you see working better?


                  3. We have completed development work to make the Print Analytics Dashboard function a bit more like the Fleet Manager Dashboard. We plan on further unifying these views for customers that have both features licensed, so your comment to that end is valuable. As soon as we have the available in production I would love to hear feedback on if it moves us closer to what you are looking for.


                  Best Regards,


                  Cal Curtice

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                      Paul LaFollette Guide

                      That does help tho the "network connected" printers are still included, they're just at the bottom since in these views their "Local cost" and "Local volume" are zero as they are not truly "local" printers.   It's not (yet) what I'm looking for but as you said it still doesn't resolve the need to "take this data offline" (export to a file and/or report).


                      I note there are a number of them that show the Model as "unknown" which I assume is due to not being able to accurately determine the model at the computer.  Would it be good in those instances for Print Scout to report the model based on the printer driver name?   I know that would mean instances where the Model would be reported as something rather 'generic' (like "HP Universal Printing PCL 5") but it would be better than the instances where the name of the hosting computer is all that is available.  Here's an example:



                      I am also hoping for a list that could show:

                      # of "Local Printers"

                      # of Local Printers of model XYZ

                      And (of course) be able to bring up a list of all those instances of specific Local Printer models.   For inventory management, and efforts to upgrade/replace old and/or expensive to use equipment, such reporting would be helpful.



                      - Paul L.