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Alert no. 29015 - on secure print queue

Question asked by Bill Kasper on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by Bill Kasper

We do all our billing in arrears, excepting that done by personal account.  But we don't prohibit users from printing (or releasing) if they don't have money in their personal account, because every user (just about) at UCSC has access to pay by one type of cost center or another.


So if I am seeing a 29015 "not enough money to print job" alert in Administrator, just what does that mean?  For example, I see it with a student, who has submitted the job to our secure server, and then must walk up and release the job from the copier via iMFP.  Does it mean she chose "personal account" (and her balance was $0), which would give that message?


Otherwise, I can't figure out why it would throw that alert, as if she'd selected her cost center it's billed in arrears and should not cause a problem.