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Mobile Print and Multiple paper sizes (A3/A4)

Question asked by Owen Dickenson on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by John Siegel



We are currently looking at an issue with deployment of Mobile Print (v2) in our environment.


When releasing an A3 sized print job from Mobile print, the job is scaled onto an A4 sheet when printed.  Clearly, this isn't at all desierable for our users.


Saving the spool file and then interrogating it show that file has the correct paper size at that point - but when reviewing the print job traffic on the wire, I see that the job has been set to be A4. Pharos is certainly determining the page size and cost correctly, for the properties of the job as submitted.


I'm wondering if this is a driver issue (I switched the paper size on the driver from A4/A3 both available to A3 and everything comes out on A3 regardless of submitted size).  We butted up against a problem with colour on the Pharos PCL5 generic driver and our colour MFDs which lead me to change the printer driver.


The printer driver that we are wanting to use is the HP Universal Driver (x64) v5.8.0, which matches what is currently deployed in our release print environement.


Does anyone have any thought as to what we can do to get our desired outcome?


Thanks, Owen.