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Pharos Signup - Can the logic used to allocate next available computer be configured?

Question asked by Ipswich Library on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by Steven English



It appears that the allocation of computers through Signup is contiguous.  For example, at one library branch we have 18 internet computers, which are numbered in a way that computers 1-5 are in one row, 2-10 are in the next row and so on over 4 rows.  During quiet times (when all or most computers are available) it appears that the computers are allocated contiguously so that the patrons are all close together on one row instead of spread out over the 4 rows.  It would be handy if at quiet times we could spread the patrons out to make it more comfortable.  Is there a way that this can be configured (e.g. increment the allocation by a larger step where possible)?