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Mobile Print Paper Sizes

Question asked by J.C. Doll on Mar 2, 2015
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Is anyone currently using Mobile Print for paper sizes other than 8 1/2x11/A4 and can confirm if it supports other paper sizes?


We can upload/email documents into the system that are sized for 11x17.  They are job costed correctly and preview looking like 11x17, but when they are released to the printer the job is sent as 8 1/2x11.  Since it accepts them and job costs them correctly, it seems to be it should work, but the documentation doesn't seem to say one way or the other.


At first I though it might be a problem with the Konica Minolta drivers, so I switched out to the HP Universal PCLs figuring that should have broad support with Uniprint/MobilePrint but they are doing the same thing.