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Print Scout (Mac) deployment issues

Question asked by Paul LaFollette on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by Jeff Geller

I'm trying to install the Print Scout (Mac) and it is failing to register. .... Kind of (did manage to get it to work).



1. I Download the Print Scout (Mac) from Print Scout > Download

2. Run the downloaded MacPrintScout.pkg and when it finishes the install and asks for the registration code I enter the code from the Print Scout Downloads window.

         It fails to register and shows the registration error message shows in the Mac Scout Install Guide.

3. Exiting and re-trying doesn't correct the problem.

4. Telling Beacon to generate a New Code, then download again followed by installing the newly downloaded pkg file... doesn't accept the New Code.


I managed to get Beacon to accept the Print Scout (Mac) deployment if I:

1. Copy the InstallConfig.ini file previously created for use with deploying additional Print Scout for Windows to the same folder as the MacPrintScout.pkg.

2. Run the MacPrintScout.pkg and "follow the bowncing ball" to install.


So... Deploying the Mac Print Scout works the same way as the additional Windows Print Scout deployment.  However, without the InstallConfig.ini file on hand, it would not register no matter what I did.  First time installation (without the InstallConfig.ini) does not appear to be working.


The Mac Scout Install Guide does not give that instructions for using the InstallConfig.ini file at all, however the Mac Scout Install Guide does show the Registration Error picture showing the InstallConfig.ini file being mentioned, and an additional pic is in the guide showing where to look to "Select Deployment Settings file" (the InstallConfig.ini file) but there is no explanation with that pic.


The Mac Scout Install Guide could use an update.



- Paul L.